Juvenile Eastern Whipbird drops by for a visit


My walk on Thursday, went from Lindfield down Symons Track, under Fullers Bridge and toward Chatswood golf course. On the little trail before the golf course, I heard a scurrying in the bushes and a little muffled squelching. 

I saw two Whipbirds amongst the brush. The regular blue-headed Whipbird I had seen frequently but I have never seen this brown coloured one. So I quickly photographed it then once home used my Merlin app to identify it as a Juvenile Eastern Whipbird.

Eastern Whipbird peering at me from behind the bushes

The adult Eastern Whipbird peers at me through the bushes.

I always get excited when I see a new variety or a different version of a bird.  I get a lot of ridicule from serious bird people but I hope I never lose the thrill of these new discoveries.

Juvenile Eastern Whipbird sitting on a branch, looking a bit awkward

Official Name: Eastern Whipbird, Psophodes olivaceus, Eupetidae

Location: Coastal band of Eastern Australia

Habitat: Dense vegetation near the ground and close to waterways

Conservation Status: Secure

For more information go to BirdLife Australia


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